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New Orleans Holiday Shopping--Part 2--Art Galleries/Studios

New Orleans is one of the top art destinations in the country and these galleries/studios show why!
Fine art is an investment and a wonderful gift to give to those very special someones on your list. Begin a collection for your children or surprise your spouse with a gift that will escalate in value. I have selected work at all price points representing emerging to mid-career to esteemed artists.

Here are my favorite resources for art in New Orleans and a few artists that make Louisiana a special place.

Arthur Roger Gallery, Mallory Page Studio, and Steve Martin Fine Art are all in the CBD area where the Arts District is.

The New Orleans Arts District, NOAD is located in the historic American Sector, close to the Mississippi River and the world famous French Quarter.  The renaissance of this area began with the 1984 World’s Fair, and today is a thriving neighborhood of art galleries and world-class museums, restaurants, shops and private residences.  Anchored by Julia Street, the Arts District is a short walk away from the New Orleans Convention Center and Louisiana Super Dome.

ARTHUR ROGER GALLERY, 432 Julia Street, www.arthurrogergallery.com

"In 1978 Arthur Roger opened his gallery on Magazine St. in New Orleans' Garden District. The artistic scene in the city was just beginning to burgeon and the Arthur Roger Gallery moved to the forefront attracting a number of New Orleans most prominent artists including Robert Gordy and Ida Kohlmeyer. In 1988 the Arthur Roger Gallery moved to an architectural award winning space in the historic Warehouse/Arts District in downtown New Orleans. The gallery maintains a balance between artists from New Orleans and artists of national repute from outside the city. In 2004 the Arthur Roger Gallery opened a second venue in the Arts District in the Renaissance Arts Hotel. Both gallery spaces were virtually untouched by the ravages of Hurricane Katrina. The Arthur Roger Gallery is strongly committed to continuing to play a key role in the cultural revitalization of one of America's greatest cities."

 artists Francis X. Pavy,  Elemore Morgan, Jr. (d. 2008) , Allison Stewart, Ida Kohlmeyer (d. 1997)

 Francis X. Pavy
Solange Avec L’accordion, 2007
Unique wood block print on paper
9.5 x 13.25 inches

Francis X. Pavy
White Rabbit with Stars, 2007
Unique wood block print on paper
25.75 x 20 inches

Elemore Morgan, Jr.
Untitled 13702 (Flower) , n/d
Gouache on paper
9.75 x 7 inches – paper
15.5 x 12 inches - frame
ARG.# 13702
$ 1,900

Allison Stewart

Spartina Trace VI, 2000
12.75 x 11.5 image, 22.25 x 15 paper
ARG.# 3079
$ 850

Ida Kohlmeyer

Semiosis, 1984
38.25 x 36.2 inches
ARG.# 13587
$ 3,000

MALLORY PAGE STUDIO, 614 Julia Street, by appointment, www.mallorypage.com
artist Mallory Page

In a beautiful studio in one of the best blocks in the CBD, Mallory Page creates magic. Mallory's abstract paintings have been called peaceful, serene, energizing, soothing and are represented by galleries in Atlanta, Charlotte, Jacksonville, Birmingham, Seaside, St. Simon's Island,& Rosemary Beach.  

Three selections that are perfect for Christmas presents:

Mallory Page
Small Smut Stains II, 2011
Mixed Media on Wood
16" x 16"
part of the Collected show representing work from current and past collections
normally $ 675, during Collected $ 472

Camellia I and II, Mixed Media on Wood, 12" x 12", $ 675 each

and some of Mallory's latest work which will be heading to galleries in the new year:

STEVE MARTIN FINE ART, 624 Julia Street, www.stevemartinfineart.com

Just a few doors down from Mallory Page Studio is Steve Martin Fine Art. The gallery and studio of this sculptor/painter is an elegant three-story townhouse that is a story in white allowing the paintings and sculpture of Steve Martin to seemingly float off the walls and around the room. I am often drawn to artists studies which allow one to get into the brain of the artist as the process of creating a brilliant piece is begun. Steve Martin's studies for his larger pieces are perfect in a tabletop vignette as I have used them for client projects and in my study in Atlanta.

Wire Sculpture Studies on Wood Bases range from $ 175- $250

 A very happy-making spot in my Study--features Steve Martin sculpture, Candace Greer boat sketch, Sarah Stewart painted shell and the best candle of the season, Voluspa "Snow Flakes" from Tracery Interiors--clearly I've enjoyed the candle and it is time for a replacement

In the prettiest area of New Orleans, uptown, is my favorite Louisiana gallery. Cole Pratt Gallery is a contemporary fine art gallery specializing in the works of Southern artists. Founded in 1993 by the late Cole Pratt, the gallery's legacy continues under owner and longtime director Erika Olinger.

COLE PRATT GALLERY, 3800 Magazine Street, www.coleprattgallery.com

artists Andrew Bucci, David Rex Joyner, Stephen Strickland, David Armentor

Andrew Bucci

Untitled Face (1950s)


11 x 8.5 inches

Andrew Bucci

Abstract (1956-62)


12 x 9 inches

Andrew Bucci 

Human Nature Series (8/24/1992)


12 x 9 inches

Andrew Bucci 

Daphne (2009)


13 x 11.5 inches
Framed: 19 x 17.5 inches

David Rex Joyner
Acrylic/Mixed Media/Canvas
9" x 12"
$ 300

David Rex Joyner


Acrylic/Mixed Media/Canvas

36 x 30 inches

Stephen Strickland



16 x 20 inches
Framed: 16.75 x 20.75 inches

Stephen Strickland

Umbrella, Chairs and Blankets
14 x 11 inches
Framed: 14.5 x 11.5 inches

David Armentor

Cooling Ponds, St. Martinville, 2011
14 x 14 inches
Framed: 21 x 21 inches

David Armentor

Sugarcane, Patoutville, 2011
14 x 14 inches
Framed: 21 x 21 inches

Think art as you finish your shopping. And note that, because of Louisiana's commitment to art, all original art purchased from these galleries is tax-free. 

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