Sunday, August 23, 2009

Summer Discoveries Part 1-Seaside, Florida

I have returned to Lafayette after a VERY busy, exciting, and inspiring five weeks of travel.
As always, when I am on "vacation" (HA!) I am constantly shopping for client projects and looking for new artists.

There will be several posts on the artists whose work I discovered this Summer. For this first "teaser", I am featuring a couple of pieces by two artists who are represented in Seaside, FL, a gorgeous beach getaway.

The first two paintings are encaustics by Maralyn Wilson, a Birmingham, AL, artist who shows at Pizitz Home & Cottage (a fantastic shop where I picked up some items for clients) in Seaside. I absolutely love the easels (available through Pizitz) that are used to display Wilson's pieces.

The third and fourth images are of paintings by Dean Bentley, a Georgia artist who shows at 119 Quincy Circle (I also made great purchases for clients here) in Seaside.

Enjoy for now...detailed posts on these two fabulous artists as soon as I recuperate from my journey and get back in the swing of things!