Sunday, December 4, 2011

Mrs. Howard/Max & Company--Atlanta, Jacksonville, Charlotte

One of my most frequent (& trusted) go-to resources for client projects, Mrs. Howard/Max & Company, is having a must not be missed one night only event this week. At all locations (Atlanta, Charlotte, Jacksonville, Jacksonville Beach), the entire showroom is 20% off from 5-8 pm this coming Thursday, December 8th! 

Now is the time to buy for yourself and for gifts!

First of all, I have to give it up for Phoebe Howard, the Mrs. Howard, for creating something that simply does not exist anywhere else in America except in her four gorgeous showrooms. There is not a more elegant shopping experience than at Mrs. Howard and her brother stores Max & Company. I mean come on....just look at these shots from her showrooms:

as if you are in Europe! but combining new with old, high with low

the staircase in Atlanta always makes me fall in love all over again-just walking up it and looking down and all around is a real treat

Phoebe's latest, Charlotte, might be the best yet

at Max & Company in Atlanta, a serene Mary Beth Thielhelm piece over classic upholstery by Hickory Chair and Lee

and in Mrs. Howard, Atlanta, one of my favorite Mallory Page paintings paired with framed intaglios-Phoebe really understands the energy and soul that comes from mixing traditional with modern

one half of a Mallory Page diptych greets you when you enter the Atlanta Max & Company

chic, chic, chic!!

The brilliance of Mrs. Howard and Max & Company is that one can literally complete an entire house from the offerings of the four locations. From furniture to rugs to lighting to china and silver, it's here!

And there are plenty of goodies to buy as presents for those special folks on your gift list.

Entertaining goods always make a great gift.....

Round Mirror Tray--perfect for more formal entertaining and on a sideboard in a dining room--
15" x 11.5" x 2.25"--normally $ 220, during sale $ 176

Pewter & Wood Tray--great for serving cheese and crackers for casual entertaining--
16" x 10" x 1.5"--normally $ 35, during sale $ 28

or Tabletop items to finish your elegant Holiday dinner setting....

Pair of Ball Candlesticks--normally $ 135/pair, on Thursday--$ 108

Pair of Star Candlesticks--on sale for $ 180

and, of course, my favorite gift.....BOOKS! Mrs. Howard/Max & Company always stocks the latest. Here are a few titles I plan to pick up:

Don't forget....this Thursday, December 8th...5-8 pm, Mrs. Howard/Max & Company in Atlanta, Charlotte, Jacksonville, Jacksonville Beach.

For more information on Phoebe Howard and the Mrs. Howard/Max & Company showrooms:

Can't make it to one of the locations but still would like to shop:

For more information on artists Mallory Page and Mary Beth Thielhelm:

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