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A Day in Breaux Bridge-Rue du Pont Galerie Christmas Open House

For those of you in Louisiana, this is a not to be missed event! I SO wish I could be there....
For those of you not in Louisiana, these dealers will be glad to ship.

Lue Svendson is hosting a Christmas Open House at her wonderful Rue du Pont Galerie in Breaux Bridge this weekend on both Friday and Saturday. Rue du Pont Galerie is hands down (trust me on this one) the best gallery in the Lafayette area. Rue du represents sixteen artists that are primarily from Louisiana but also a couple from Provincetown, the little piece of heaven that Lue and I share a love for. 

Every piece in the gallery will be 10-20% off this weekend only. Here are my selections for the perfect gift for someone on your list or for... yourself. If you've been wanting a Candace Greer, Joy Gardner, Kelli Kaufman, Lue Svendson, Hope Hebert, Marcia Holmes, Laurence Young, or Caroline Chunn McCarthy painting, NOW is the time. Go shopping this weekend and bring these home!! Please note that prices below are for the Open House only.

Kelli Kaufman
Blue Marsh
Oil on Canvas
8" x 10"
$ 112.50

Kelli Kaufman
Early Morning Atchafalaya
Oil on Canvas, framed
8" x 16"
$ 225

Joy Gardner
Distant Treeline
Oil on Canvas, Framed
24" x 20"
$ 540

Joy Gardner
Deep Woods
Oil on Canvas, Framed
12" x 24" 
$ 517.50

Candace Greer
No Fear
Acrylic on Wood
16" x 20"
$ 500

Caroline Chunn McCarthy
Abstract Bell Jar
Oil on Canvas
30" x 40"
$ 1,620

Lue Svendson
Live Oak
Oil on Canvas
4" x 4"
$ 60

Lue Svendson
No Limits
Oil on Canvas, Framed
36" x 36"
$ 2,520

Hope Hebert
Acrylic on Canvas
16" x 20"
$ 288

Hope Hebert
Love and Happiness
Acrylic on Canvas
24" x 24"
$ 517.50

 Marcia Holmes
Winter Persimmons
Pastel on Paper, Framed
18" x 18"
$ 1,665

Marcia Holmes
Pastel on Paper, Framed
8" x 8"
$ 675

and finally, two of my favorite Provincetown artists...Laurence Young and John Clayton.

 I've featured Laurence in the past which you can read here:

Laurence Young
Red Dory
Oil/Wax on Panel
8" x 10"
$ 765

Laurence Young
Yellow Boat
Oil/Wax on Board
11" x 14"
$ 720

Laurence Young
All that Jazz
Oil/Wax on Panel, framed
12" x 12"
$ 765

John Clayton
Green Boat
Oil on Board, Framed
8" x 10"
$ 405

In addition to the fine artists that she represents, Lue Svendson is hosting New York jewelry designer Wayne Anderson during Friday and Saturday's open house. VITA New York is the line that Wayne co-designs with Shauna Hull. New York Magazine and Harper's Bazaar have featured the beautiful designs. And they will be in Breaux Bridge, Louisiana, on Friday and Saturday? YES! And boy is there a story there. The ever-industrious and lover of luxe, Hope Hebert, was in New York in October, found Wayne, bought jewelry from him, came back to Louisiana spreading the word of VITA's beautiful designs, and now he's coming to Breaux Bridge thanks to the equally industrious Lue Svendson!
Here are two earring designs that I think are stunningly beautiful.

$ 95

$ 145

I wish I could be in Breaux Bridge this weekend to organize a luncheon at Cafe des Amis and a shopping excursion at a few of my favorite shops. Would be fun, no??!! 

Since I can't be there, you will just have to go and do what I would do if spending a day in this charming town. After your morning of fast and furious art buying at Rue du Pont Galerie, refuel with lunch at Cafe des Amis which is across the street from the gallery. Walk lunch off by  heading just down the street to Lucullus Antiques, a shop that Breaux Bridge is lucky to have. An outpost of their New Orleans home base, the Breaux Bridge location of Patrick Dunne's beautiful shop has a few items perfect for holiday gift giving:

Anyone who is an entertainer, should have a copy of The Epicurean Collector by Patrick Dunne:

$ 40

These cafe au lait bowls are great to use for nuts or olives when entertaining. Or they can be used as a candy dish on a side table or coffee table. I love them and need one for myself!

early 20th Century French Cafe Au Lait Bowls, $ 45-65 each

I am partial to these!

Make an appointment with Ginger Kelly to visit her studio. Ginger Kelly is a glass artist, glass blower and international giftware designer. She moved her studio to Louisiana in 2005 and now lives in the lovely town of Breaux Bridge. I absolutely love these glasses and pitcher. SO fun and a great addition to any kitchen. They would look fantastic in glass front cabinets.

Patio Pitcher and Glasses
Drinking glasses are $40. ea, 12 oz glass. 
Handblown, color glass and color rim. Made to order with a minimum 4 glasses. 
Pitchers are $125. each. 
Made to order.

No visit to Breaux Bridge would be complete without a spin through Lagniappe Antiques, a 17,000 square foot antique mall. I have scored some real deals on books and accessories during past visits and I am sure you will as well.

As you leave Breaux Bridge, step back in time a few centuries with a stop at my go-to dealer for fine antiques for client projects. Robert Smith of Au Vieux Paris Antiques specializes in exactly the type of French antiques I prefer: clean lined and perfect. A visit to this gem of a shop is an exceptional history lesson in all things French. There are many wonderful gift items available at Au Vieux Paris Antiques but my favorites are single candlesticks. I have a little bit of a candle obsession right now and I assure you Au Vieux Paris has the BEST available! And through Saturday, everything in the shop is 20% off!! Best to make an appointment to be certain the shop is open.

Here are a few shots of this incredible shop (c. 1821 Henri Penne House) and some recent finds...

Below you will find the resource list for this post....all websites, addresses, phone numbers.

I wish you a very happy and fun-filled weekend. As this is the last full weekend before Christmas, make the list and check it twice and head to these wonderful local businesses to buy, buy, buy! 


Rue du Pont Galerie---123 East Bridge 344 9207
Cafe des Amis----140 East Bridge 332 5273
Lucullus Antiques---107 North Main 332 2625
Lagniappe Antiques--124 West Bridge 507 2036
Ginger Kelly Studio--by appointment 255 8880
Au Vieux Paris Antiques--1040 Henri Penne 332 2852

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