Sunday, January 20, 2013

A New Year, New Perspective, New Features

Happy New Year! I have not blogged in so long and I have missed it terribly. My plate has been FULL with design work, curating art shows, serving as agent for the seven incredible artists that I represent, preparing to attend graduate school (yes, you read that right!), travel, and everything else that you can think of.

PARKER ART GALLERY on St. Simon's Island, GA , January gallery feature

But I have not forgotten about what I do here at Southern Art and Design blog. In fact, exactly what I do (moreover, exactly what will I do in the furture)  has been on my mind constantly and has led me to rename my blog and shift my focus just a bit. The new name will be revealed soon along with a new logo and design. 
the genius of the late great Albert Hadley, February Southern designer feature

I hope you will join me as I focus on the great accomplishments of Southern artists and designers of the past and present. Each month will feature four to six articles:

always including 

----a profile of an attainable living artist

-----a gallery profile

-----a designer profile

----a museum profile/feature on a current show

---a profile of a legendary artist 

plus additional travel and product features when I go somewhere or see something that is just so exceptional that it is worth sharing.

Wolf Kahn's "Slight Pink Nuances, 2008"--The legendary Wolk Kahn will be featured in February
image from

The South has born or become the home of incredible talent in the art and design worlds. Even if they lived most of their life in New York, Los Angeles, London or Paris, they might have been born in Tennessee or Georgia.  And the influence of the South lives on in the masterful work of these talents.

Paintings by Kelli Kaufman in the current show at Lounge Gallery in Lafayette, LA
Kelli Kaufman is the January attainable artist

I look forward to bringing you the best of what I see and experience in my life in the art and design worlds and hope you will come with me on this journey as we study, explore, and live the best of what the South has given us to date and will continue to give us for many years to come.

To "follow"/subscribe to this blog, simply enter your email in the box in the upper right corner of the home page where it says Follow By Email and hit submit. You will only receive an email notification when a new post has been published. I so hope you will continue to support my passion by reading. And anytime you feel moved to comment or let me know about a post I've done or one you think I should do, please  let me know. I love to hear from my readers!

All the best,

Jeffery McCullough