Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Margaret Garrett-From the pages of.......

.....House Beautiful magazine, page 94, April 2011 issue.

As a designer, art consultant, & art agent I scour every page of the premiere periodicals, blogs, and books in the constant search for new resources, artists, fabrics, etc, etc. House Beautiful provides incredible inspiration and resources and it is a thrill to open the mailbox each month and see the latest issue in my hands. Editor-in-chief Newell Turner and his incredible staff provide visual stimulation overload month after month. And what once was, for me, the dreaded Q & A format is now a welcomed feature enabling the reader to learn quite a lot about the monthly features in a relatively small amount of page space allowing for an abundance of photography to shine.

In the April issue I was stopped in my tracks by a piece of art featured in a Shelter Island, NY, beach house. In the story on the modernist natural materials beach house by architect Cary Tamarkin (it's his own Shelter Island getaway) and designer Suzanne Shaker, photographer William Abranowicz got the money shot when focused on Margaret Garrett's red Tuning Fields series piece:

from House Beautiful magazine, April issue
photo by William Abranowicz
from HouseBeautiful.com

Although I am not a red person and typically only like the color in small doses, I was intrigued by the movement and depth in this piece and immediately went to the website of artist Margaret Garrett to see if her work would be as incredible as this particular painting and find out if she just might have a Southern connection since that is really what this blog is about...the answer to both questions, YES! Magazine on the floor (page marked, of course, for when I get back to it), I spent an hour on the North Carolina native's website dreaming of placement of her pieces. A few emails later, here I am with a few of my favorites that are currently available:

Tuning Fields 169, 2010
Acrylic & Ink on Paper
26" x 40"
available from Danese Gallery, New York
$ 2,200.00

Tuning Fields 163
Acrylic on Paper
20" x 26"
available from the artist's studio
$ 1,700.00

Tuning Fields 83
Acrylic on Paper
14" x 11"
available from the artist's studio
$ 800.00

Untitled 10, 2010
Acrylic & Ink on Paper
7" x 5.5"
available from the artist's studio
$ 450.00

Tuning Fields 127
Acrylic & Ink on Paper
14" x 11"
available from the artist's studio
$ 800.00

Represented by Danese Gallery in New York, Margaret Garrett is lucky enough to live full-time on Shelter Island. For those of you who don't know, Long Island's Shelter Island is a special spot--a gorgeous, old fashioned beach town with a vibe far from the congestion and pretentiousness of its neighbor, the Hamptons. One of the most hip and cool beach hotels I have ever stayed at is Sunset Beach (www.sunsetbeachli.com) on Shelter Island. 


Margaret Garrett, artist       www.margaretgarrett.com
Danese Gallery, 535 W. 24th Street, Chelsea    www.danese.com
House Beautiful Magazine   www.housebeautiful.com
Cary Tamarkin, architect   www.tamarkinco.com
Suzanne Shaker, interior designer  www.suzanneshaker.com
William Abranowicz, photographer  www.williamabranowicz.com

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Candace Greer--Tracery, Rosemary Beach

As an art agent, discovering new talent is a thrill. Once I find an artist that I think has the potential to do well in galleries, watching the artist grow and seeing the work produced get stronger and stronger is where I find ultimate satisfaction. Over the past two years through my travels and affiliations with The Big Easel and Gallery at City Club in Lafayette I have met many artists and seen hundreds of paintings. I have had many artists contact me to review their work for inclusion in shows and, moreover, hoping that I will find them gallery representation. In addition to actually liking an artists work, there are three key elements that I hope to see when reviewing an artists portfolio: strength, continuity, growth. It takes all three for an artist to wow me enough to take them on as a client and place their work in galleries, showrooms, and in projects.

Candace Greer (www.candacegreerart.com) is an artist that I have paid very close attention to as she has explored techniques, subject matter, and style in her paintings. It has been a joy to see Candace grow by leaps and bounds. Her latest body of work, acrylic on wood abstract boats done in a special watercolor technique, has just been selected by Tracery (www.traceryinteriors.com) in Rosemary Beach, FL. Just in time for the Summer season, these fresh takes on a classic seaside subject are perfect for those looking to bring the joys of waterfront pleasures into their home year round.

The Lafayette, Louisiana, native has been featured in shows at Gallery at City Club, The Big Easel, Rue du Pont Galerie, Another Broken Egg, and Charley G's.

Here is one of my favorites now at Tracery, Rosemary Beach:

Candace Greer
Abstract Boat
Acrylic on Wood
16" x 20"
$ 625.00

As you plan your trips to the gorgeous beaches of 30A (Rosemary Beach, Seaside, Seagrove, Watercolor, Alys Beach, Grayton Beach, etc), be sure to make time to stop by Tracery and see paintings by Candace Greer and Mallory Page as well as great home accessories, furniture, candles, and books.




Candace Greer Art   www.candacegreerart.com
Mallory Page Paintings  www.mallorypage.com
Rue du Pont Galerie  www.luesvendson.com

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Sneak Peek, Summer excitement!

We are in the midst of unpacking boxes and getting settled in the new house in Atlanta! Moving is never a fun task but with so many wonderful and exciting art placements & excursions with the artists I represent coming up I am keeping chin up and a smile on my face. Although I can't find anything I need right now, my computer is never lost so I am taking a break from the hard work to look at some gorgeous new Mallory Page (www.mallorypage.com) paintings done specifically for Phoebe Howard (www.phoebehoward.net) of Mrs. Howard and Max & Company in Atlanta, Charlotte, Jacksonville, & Jacksonville Beach. If you have never been to a Mrs. Howard or Max & Company showroom, you have really missed something...there really is nothing like them, for sure in the south, and quite possibly anywhere.

The incredible Phoebe Howard was the first to represent Mallory Page. Phoebe and her designers have done an unbelievably good job of showing and placing Mallory's paintings. So much so that even though Mallory doesn't really do "landscapes" anymore, a few special (just for Mrs. Howard/Max & Company!) pieces are finished and heading to the Atlanta Max & Company next week to make their debut. Phoebe loves a horizon line and Mallory gives it to her, but with a twist that only Mallory can give to push that line just to the edge.

Here are the new beauties...

Mallory Page
Of Sea & Structure, Slipstream Sessions
Mixed Media-Paint & Pencil on Wood Panel
42" x 54"
$ 3,800.00

Mallory Page
Origin, Slipstream Sessions
Mixed Media-Paint & Pencil on Wood Panel
42" x 54"
$ 3,800.00

Mallory Page
Two Horizons, One Somebody-Slipstream Sessions
Mixed Media-Paint and Pencil on Wood Panel
42" x 54" (diptych)
$ 3,800.00

Here is how Phoebe uses Mallory's work in her design projects...this piece was commissioned for a show house in Charlotte and has since sold.

SO, if you are in Atlanta, stop by Mrs. Howard and Max & Company on Peachtree Hills Avenue...and let me know you are in the neighborhood and I will meet you there...or have coffee at our neighborhood Starbucks or lunch at Cafe Lapin. Looking forward to sharing more exciting news in the next couple of days.



Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Big Easel Preview Part II

Onward in getting excited about The Big Easel.....

This Saturday, May 7th, from 10-5....Town Square in River Ranch, Lafayette, LA.

A huge thanks to our sponsors this year:

River Ranch, Event Rental, Event Restroom, Impressions PDM, Acadiana Center for the Arts, City Club at River Ranch, Village Cafe, POUR Wine Bar, & Jeffery McCullough Art & Design Consulting. It is because of these businesses and vendors that the Big Easel gets better and better each year.

And, of course, it is because the very talented artists that show at the Big Easel...This year we have 63 artists from all over Louisiana. All of them have submitted images of pieces they will be showing.

Here are a few more of my favorites:

Hope Hebert
(Lafayette, LA)
Maui Waterfalls
Acrylic on Canvas
40" x 30"
$ 1,575.00

Barbara Roberds
(Hammond, LA)
Hammond Hood
Mixed Media-Photography and Wood
15.5" x 23"
$ 275.00

Candace Greer
(Lafayette, LA)
Colorful Row of Boats
Acrylic on Wood
16" x 20"
$ 325.00

Kelli Kaufman
(Lafayette, LA)
Marsh Reflection
Oil on Canvas
24" x 24"
$ 475.00

Janet Ullrich-Theriot
(Lafayette, LA)
Delicate Unity
Sterling Silver Necklace with Turquoise Stones
App. 18" long
$ 145.00

Camille Pavy Claiborne
(Lafayette, LA)
Blue Melody
Wheel Thrown & Hand Carved Piano with Music
Glazed in Mottle Blue, Black and White
12.5" round x 4" deep
$ 500.00

and our beautiful poster painting was done by Linda Moncla. Big Easel Day in Town Square, water color on paper.
And that is exactly what I hope you will have on Saturday....a wonderful Big Easel Day in Town Square! See you there.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

2011 Big Easel Preview Part 1

I haven't done a blog post in nearly six months! Life has been crazy, busy, interesting, different....all of that to be explained in upcoming blog posts. But I know that doing regular posts on art and design goings-on in the South is what I should be doing. I know that because I have missed it.

For now, The Big Easel.....my baby. An event that I began chairing three years ago that has grown into something really special, the 2011 Big Easel is this Saturday, May 7th, from 10 am to 5 pm in Town Square in River Ranch in
Lafayette, LA.

With sixty-three artists showing, there is something for everyone...all price points, all styles, all mediums. As we gear up for the Preview Party which is Friday night, the artists have been emailing me images of their new work.

I have selected a few as a special sneak peek into the excellent work that will be on display this year.

First up, paintings by Mallory Page Chastant, Marcia Holmes, Laurence Young, Hannah Lane, and Lue Svendson:

Mallory Page Chastant
(New Orleans, LA)
Mixed Media-Acrylic, Gesso, Conte Crayon, Pencil- on Wood Panel
42" x 42"

Marcia Holmes
(Mandeville, LA-represented at Big Easel by Rue du Pont Galerie)
Poppy Thicket
Pastel on Archival Paper
24" x 24"
$ 2,450.00

Laurence Young
(Provincetown, MA-represented at Big Easel by Rue du Pont Galerie)
All that Jazz
Oil/Wax on Panel
12" x 12"

Lue Svendson
(Lafayette, LA-owner of Rue du Pont Galerie)
Earth Wind & Fire
Oil on Canvas
20" x 24"

Hannah Lane
(Baton Rouge, LA-represented at Big Easel by Rue du Pont Galerie)
Crowd Series, People like Us
Acrylic on Wood Panel
30" x 30"

Photography by Kerry Griechen:

Kerry Griechen
(Lafayette, LA)
Digital Photograph on Metallic Paper
23" x 29"

Wood Sculpture by Arthur McViccar:

Arthur McViccar
(Lafayette, LA)
Off Center
Maple Sphere on Painted Yellow Pine Stand
5" x 5" x 18" tall

Jewelry by Liz Juneau:

Liz Juneau
(Alexandria, LA)
Put a Spell on You
Vintage Silver Pocket Watch Case with Vintage Jewelry Parts, Fossil Piece with Pyrite, Pears, Stones and a feather--on leather cord

For those of you in Louisiana, be in Lafayette on Saturday! 10 am to 5 pm, Town Square in River Ranch....I hope to see you there!