Friday, March 30, 2012

The Big Easel Part 3...Collection 2...To the Water.....

With weather as gorgeous as it is today, it is so easy to imagine being on the water! So for this Big Easel collection, let's the beach, to the lake, to the river or creek....

Pieces in this dream collection are by Big Easel artists Scott Bailey, Michael Eble, Jo Faulk, Candace Greer, Ginger Kelly, Linda Moncla, Lyndel Renoudet, and Laurence Young. Enjoy!

And look for these fantastic pieces plus many more on Saturday, May 5th, at The Big Easel.

Michael Eble
(Morris, MN)
Estuary I
Acrylic on Panel
30" x 40"
$ 1,000.00
available from Jeffery McCullough Art & Design Consulting

Kelli Kaufman
(Lafayette, LA)
Sunset on the Marsh
Oil/Wax on Canvas
16" x 8"
$ 200.00

Scott Bailey
(Broussard, LA)
Island Retreat
Oil on Canvas
8" x 16"
$ 275.00
available from A & E Gallery, New Iberia, LA

Laurence Young
(Provincetown, MA)
Breaking Day
Oil/Wax on Canvas
16" x 20"
$ 1,800.00
available from Rue du Pont Galerie, Breaux Bridge, LA

Candace Greer
(Lafayette, LA)
Southern Crosses
Oil on Canvas
16" x 20"
available from Jeffery McCullough Art & Design Consulting

Linda Moncla
(Lafayette, LA)
Ready to Sail
Watercolor on Paper
11" x 16"
$ 200.00, unframed

Whether at a picnic by the water or on a table in a beach house, isn't this piece by Lyndel Renoudet perfect for a bouquet of flowers clipped from the yard or on the way to the water? 

Lyndel Renoudet
(New Iberia, LA)
Porcelain Pitcher
$ 75.00
available from A & E Gallery, New Iberia, LA

Speaking of To the Water, I am curating a show called "To the Water........" that will open June 9th at Lounge Gallery during 2nd Saturday Art Walk...details to come in the next month.

Enjoy beautiful Spring wherever you are!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Big Easel...Part II..collection 1

The Big Easel is the only event in Louisiana where you can see art by seventy artists in one place on one day...and for free!
As a designer and art consultant, I am lucky enough to have the opportunity to put together collections for my clients. It is my favorite part of each job that I complete. Over the next few weeks, I will assemble dream collections using pieces that will be shown by the talented artists participating in the 2012 Big Easel Art Show...Saturday, May 5th, 10 am- 5 pm, Town Square in River Ranch.

Here is collection 1 which includes works on paper (Dan Spiller, Jr; Marcia Holmes), photography (Kerry Griechen; Sonny Monteleone), oil on canvas paintings (Lue Svendson; Laurence Young), acrylic on canvas paintings (Hope Hebert; Jennifer Kappel), and jewelry (Janet Ullrich-Theriot)....

Dan Spiller, Jr.
(Lafayette, LA)
Canopy of Oaks
Oil Pastel on Black Museum Board
20" x 35"
$ 1,900.00, framed
available from Rue du Pont Galerie, Breaux Bridge, LA

Kerry Griechen
(Lafayette, LA)
Into the Light
Digital Photography on Metallic Paper
16" x 24"

$ 100.00 unframed
limited edition of 100

Laurence Young
(Provincetown, MA)
Yellow Boat
Oil/Wax on Canvas
11" x 14"
$ 750.00
available from Rue du Pont Galerie, Breaux Bridge, LA

Hope Hebert
(Lafayette, LA)
Seven Lakes I
Acrylic on Canvas

10" x 8"
$ 275.00
available from Rue du Pont Galerie, Breaux Bridge, LA

Jennifer Kappel
(New Iberia, LA)
Sunday Morning in the Quarter
Acrylic on Canvas
11" x 14"
$ 275.00
available from A & Gallery, New Iberia, LA

Lue Svendson
(Lafayette, LA)
A Change of Style
Oil on Canvas, framed
16" x 20"
$ 1,200.00
available from Rue du Pont Galerie, Breaux Bridge, LA

Marcia Holmes
(Mandeville, LA)
Winter Persimmons
Pastel on Paper, framed
18" x 18"
$ 1,850.00
available from Rue du Pont Galerie, Breaux Bridge, LA

Sonny Monteleone
(Lafayette, LA)
New Orleans Balcony
Photo Watercolor Print, framed
13" x 19" image
18" x 24" framed

$ 325.00
available from Bella Arti Studio, Breaux Bridge, LA

and wouldn't the lady of the house look grand wearing this creation:

Janet Ullrich-Theriot
(Lafayette, LA)
Turquoise Festival Pendant sterling silver tubing and sterling silver
wire with Turquoise pebbles. The pendant comes on an 18" clear rubber chain$ 45.00

See all of this and way more on Saturday, May 5th...see you there!

Monday, March 26, 2012

The Big Easel 2012....Part I

For the fourth year in a row, I have the privilege of chairing The Big Easel Art Show in Lafayette. The 2012 event will prove to be the best yet with seventy (that's a big 70!) in one place for one day only. Saturday May 5th is the date, 10-5 is the time, and River Ranch's Town Square is the place.

This is a NOT to be missed event. The artist committee juried hard this year and there were moments when even I, as chair, wanted my vote to count as two when the results were coming in. I was shocked at how tough (and fair) Hope Hebert, Kelli Kaufman, Kim Landry, and Lue Svendson were being when making the most important decision of all: who is good enough and will "bring it" to the event to make it the best yet.

In addition to the artist committee, we added Renee Matamoros and Laura Ketteringham to the planning committee. Renee, marketing director for City Club at River Ranch and River Ranch Institute (our partner this year), has organized entertainment and food for the event and Laura Ketteringham is running the children's activities portion of the day.

Over the next few weeks I will feature pieces by the 2012 Big Easel artists. For now, here is our incredible 2012 poster featuring "The Big Easel Palate" by Lafayette artist Julie Breaux:

And a HUGE thank you to our main sponsors this year:

The Village of River Ranch
River Ranch Institute
Acadiana Plastics Molding (APM)
Giles Automotive
Henry J. Kaufman IV, M.D.
Community First Bank

and to our in-kind sponsors:

Impressions PDM
Event Rental
Event Restroom
City Club at River Ranch

It truly takes a village for The Big Easel to happen....and I hope to see all of you in the village of River Ranch on Saturday, May 5th!