Sunday, August 1, 2010

A Louisiana Collection Continues to Provincetown Massachusetts

On my final (i.e. very sad) full day in Provincetown, I attended the Friday night Art Walk hoping to find a few perfect paintings (code for cheer me up please!). Alden Gallery, one of my favorite galleries in town, came through for me with a very nice duo for a narrow space in the 2nd floor den that needs two vibrant pieces to lead the way into the adjacent guest room.

Established artists...check
and, both of these artists have Southern connections...

First up: Mark Palmer

A native of Buffalo, NY, Mark Palmer studied art at the Corcoran School of Art and the Smithsonian in Washington, DC, and Art Student League in Arlington, VA. After living many years in Washington, DC, Palmer moved to tiny Paducah, KY, to be part of the burgeoning art world there and his paintings have been shown throughout Kentucky and all over Washington, DC and Maryland. This year marks the fourth season of shows including Palmer's work at Alden Gallery in Provincetown.

Not a Care in the World is a fantastic mixed media (acrylic/collage/photo transfer) piece. Nearly sadistic, the laugh of the character is infectious and wonderful. The dog, the random letters and words, the butterfly flitting is all just too good and symbolic to pass up...and, really, isn't not having a care in the world a beautiful place to be?

Mark Palmer
Not a Care in the World, 2010
Acrylic/Collage/Photo Transfer
14" x 11"
$800.00, framed

Laurence Young:

At the Friday opening of "Laurence Young + Mark Palmer: New Work", I was able to spend a few minutes talking to Laurence Young, a very charming artist whose paintings have been shown all over the country with recent great success at Elder Gallery in Charlotte, NC.

When I read Laurence's homepage on his website today and saw the following words from him, I completely understood where this gentle & kind artist comes from:

"Painting is a lot like life, changing at every corner. It is a process and a journey, dedicated to a life of observing. I am fascinated by passages of light, shapes and forms that are abstracted by color. As I settle into my middle years, I find that it's all coming together in a richer and denser surface."

Young's oil & wax pieces are of quintessential Provincetown views and scenes, but with an edge that I think is key in the number of sold tags I saw on pieces at the opening. Laurence is bringing a little something extra to the table with his body of work..and I love it!

Laurence Young
Boat House, 2010
Oil and Wax on Panel
12" x 12"
$950.00, framed

A fine, fine duo exists here...Howard Karren and Stephen Syta from Alden Gallery were smart to pair these two artists for the show.

To see more of Palmer and Young's paintings, visit