Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Margaret Garrett-From the pages of.......

.....House Beautiful magazine, page 94, April 2011 issue.

As a designer, art consultant, & art agent I scour every page of the premiere periodicals, blogs, and books in the constant search for new resources, artists, fabrics, etc, etc. House Beautiful provides incredible inspiration and resources and it is a thrill to open the mailbox each month and see the latest issue in my hands. Editor-in-chief Newell Turner and his incredible staff provide visual stimulation overload month after month. And what once was, for me, the dreaded Q & A format is now a welcomed feature enabling the reader to learn quite a lot about the monthly features in a relatively small amount of page space allowing for an abundance of photography to shine.

In the April issue I was stopped in my tracks by a piece of art featured in a Shelter Island, NY, beach house. In the story on the modernist natural materials beach house by architect Cary Tamarkin (it's his own Shelter Island getaway) and designer Suzanne Shaker, photographer William Abranowicz got the money shot when focused on Margaret Garrett's red Tuning Fields series piece:

from House Beautiful magazine, April issue
photo by William Abranowicz
from HouseBeautiful.com

Although I am not a red person and typically only like the color in small doses, I was intrigued by the movement and depth in this piece and immediately went to the website of artist Margaret Garrett to see if her work would be as incredible as this particular painting and find out if she just might have a Southern connection since that is really what this blog is about...the answer to both questions, YES! Magazine on the floor (page marked, of course, for when I get back to it), I spent an hour on the North Carolina native's website dreaming of placement of her pieces. A few emails later, here I am with a few of my favorites that are currently available:

Tuning Fields 169, 2010
Acrylic & Ink on Paper
26" x 40"
available from Danese Gallery, New York
$ 2,200.00

Tuning Fields 163
Acrylic on Paper
20" x 26"
available from the artist's studio
$ 1,700.00

Tuning Fields 83
Acrylic on Paper
14" x 11"
available from the artist's studio
$ 800.00

Untitled 10, 2010
Acrylic & Ink on Paper
7" x 5.5"
available from the artist's studio
$ 450.00

Tuning Fields 127
Acrylic & Ink on Paper
14" x 11"
available from the artist's studio
$ 800.00

Represented by Danese Gallery in New York, Margaret Garrett is lucky enough to live full-time on Shelter Island. For those of you who don't know, Long Island's Shelter Island is a special spot--a gorgeous, old fashioned beach town with a vibe far from the congestion and pretentiousness of its neighbor, the Hamptons. One of the most hip and cool beach hotels I have ever stayed at is Sunset Beach (www.sunsetbeachli.com) on Shelter Island. 


Margaret Garrett, artist       www.margaretgarrett.com
Danese Gallery, 535 W. 24th Street, Chelsea    www.danese.com
House Beautiful Magazine   www.housebeautiful.com
Cary Tamarkin, architect   www.tamarkinco.com
Suzanne Shaker, interior designer  www.suzanneshaker.com
William Abranowicz, photographer  www.williamabranowicz.com

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