Tuesday, May 3, 2011

2011 Big Easel Preview Part 1

I haven't done a blog post in nearly six months! Life has been crazy, busy, interesting, different....all of that to be explained in upcoming blog posts. But I know that doing regular posts on art and design goings-on in the South is what I should be doing. I know that because I have missed it.

For now, The Big Easel.....my baby. An event that I began chairing three years ago that has grown into something really special, the 2011 Big Easel is this Saturday, May 7th, from 10 am to 5 pm in Town Square in River Ranch in
Lafayette, LA.

With sixty-three artists showing, there is something for everyone...all price points, all styles, all mediums. As we gear up for the Preview Party which is Friday night, the artists have been emailing me images of their new work.

I have selected a few as a special sneak peek into the excellent work that will be on display this year.

First up, paintings by Mallory Page Chastant, Marcia Holmes, Laurence Young, Hannah Lane, and Lue Svendson:

Mallory Page Chastant
(New Orleans, LA)
Mixed Media-Acrylic, Gesso, Conte Crayon, Pencil- on Wood Panel
42" x 42"

Marcia Holmes
(Mandeville, LA-represented at Big Easel by Rue du Pont Galerie)
Poppy Thicket
Pastel on Archival Paper
24" x 24"
$ 2,450.00

Laurence Young
(Provincetown, MA-represented at Big Easel by Rue du Pont Galerie)
All that Jazz
Oil/Wax on Panel
12" x 12"

Lue Svendson
(Lafayette, LA-owner of Rue du Pont Galerie)
Earth Wind & Fire
Oil on Canvas
20" x 24"

Hannah Lane
(Baton Rouge, LA-represented at Big Easel by Rue du Pont Galerie)
Crowd Series, People like Us
Acrylic on Wood Panel
30" x 30"

Photography by Kerry Griechen:

Kerry Griechen
(Lafayette, LA)
Digital Photograph on Metallic Paper
23" x 29"

Wood Sculpture by Arthur McViccar:

Arthur McViccar
(Lafayette, LA)
Off Center
Maple Sphere on Painted Yellow Pine Stand
5" x 5" x 18" tall

Jewelry by Liz Juneau:

Liz Juneau
(Alexandria, LA)
Put a Spell on You
Vintage Silver Pocket Watch Case with Vintage Jewelry Parts, Fossil Piece with Pyrite, Pears, Stones and a feather--on leather cord

For those of you in Louisiana, be in Lafayette on Saturday! 10 am to 5 pm, Town Square in River Ranch....I hope to see you there!

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