Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Jeffery McCullough Art & Design Consulting Back Up & Atlanta & Lafayette!

After a very time-consuming and tiring "move", Jeffery McCullough Art & Design Consulting is back up and running in a great office/study at the new house in Atlanta. The house is pretty swell and I am thrilled to finally have a space that is strictly for my work, research, planning, dreaming.

I have been able to assemble some of my absolute favorite things all in one place...pieces that had not been on the wall since 2007 in New York surround me again. Books that I constantly go to for inspiration are now out in a neat stack where I can see them and easily turn to the exact page I need...or peruse to find the surprise inspiration photo that will get me revved up when preparing a client presentation.

This corner of the office is very special for me. I only like to use my desk when I need the surface. For so many things (like writing this) I would rather be in a comfortable chair with a reading light over my shoulder. It somehow how takes the "work" feeling out of it and feels more like something I want to be doing, not something I have to do.

So.....what makes it special? I can function again (i.e.--return phone calls, emails, texts!) , I have some exciting new projects to focus on, and a few of my favorite things....

One of the most comfortable club chairs I have ever sat in upholstered in Jed Johnson Home's "Kamakura" fabric. Orange velvet lumbar pillow by Maison de Vacances from Calypso St. Barth in Sag Harbor. Vintage Painted Chair with F. Schumacher "Red Dragon" Fabric from Tracery in Birmingham. Vintage Koch & Lowy reading lamp from The Savvy Snoot at Westside Urban Market in Atlanta. A trio of pieces of art--Mallory Page "Marsh Series" Acrylic on Wood painting, Raoul Dufy lithograph from Jones Clark & Company at Center 44 in New York, and Foster Witt's "Greenwich" photograph from his Passenger Series.

Required Art & Design Books, Steve Martin Sculpture, Candace Greer Painting, Ceramic Bowl by Lyndel Renoudet, Painted Seashell by Sarah Stewart, & Fresh Flowers...and yes, the vintage phone works!

 "Marsh Series" Landscape by Mallory Page--final two of this series available at Tracery!

"Greenwich" by Foster Witt--this piece lived in my New York apartment in a spot that I saw immediately upon waking each much symbolism, such a strong composition..I am thrilled to have it back in my life!

Jed Johnson Home "Kamakura-Bark" Fabric--available through Jeffery McCullough Art & Design

F. Schumacher "Chiang Mai Dragon-Lacquer" Fabric--available through design showrooms

If you like what you see here and want more info on any item, please let me know....for now, here are some key resources to make good art and design a reality in your home or office.


Mallory Page, New Orleans artist   represented by Max & Company in Atlanta; Mrs. Howard in Charlotte and Jacksonville; Tracery in Birmingham and Rosemary Beach; Julie Neill in New Orleans; Mallory Page Studio in New Orleans

Steve Martin, New Orleans artist 

Candace Greer, Lafayette artist   Represented by Tracery in Birmingham and Rosemary Beach; Rue du Pont in Breaux Bridge

Lyndel Renoudet, New Iberia ceramicist represented by A & E Gallery, New Iberia

Sarah Stewart, Florida artist-painted seashells  represented by Watercolor Store in Watercolor; An Apartment in Paris in Seaside; Studio Gallery in Grayton Beach

Foster Witt, New York photographer

Tracery, Rosemary Beach, Florida; Mountain Brook, Alabama

Jed Johnson Home Fabrics   represented by Jeffery McCullough in Louisiana; Travis & Company in Atlanta; John Rosselli in New York, Washington, DC, Chicago, and Dania, FL.

The Savvy Snoot Consignment Store   Westside Urban Market in Atlanta
for vintage Koch and Lowy Reading lamps:

Jones Clark & Company at Center 44 in New York

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Tulips said...

Lovely spot. Congrats on being more settled in. (Hopefully, we'll know what that feels like soon. We still have our move ahead of us. -Katy

(P.S. Love me some Savvy Snoot, too!)