Saturday, November 6, 2010

A Few Fantastic Pieces of Art--Part 1--Mallory Page Chastant, Sidney Creaghan, Erin Chance Fenstermaker, Caroline Chunn McCarthy

The 2010 Symphony Orchestra Decorators Showcase of Homes is over...I am feeling a bit sad about that considering all of the hard work that goes into it and the high that a designer feels seeing a completed room knowing that he has done his absolute best to pull out all of the stops to complete a show stopper of a room. As always, I was blessed to have a wonderful group of artists to select work from to provide the most important aspect of a room, the paintings and photography that bring a room to life.

It is always so interesting to see what folks respond to when they walk into a show house room. And I am always intrigued by what doesn't sell. And I wonder "how could that not sell?". In a two part post, I have selected some of my favorite paintings that are still available.

Part 1: Mallory Page Chastant, Sidney Creaghan, Erin Chance Fenstermaker, Caroline Chunn McCarthy--all of these pieces were featured in the Transitional Cottage. Mallory and Sidney's pieces were in the Guest Room I did, Caroline's piece was showcased in the Hall Gallery I did, and Erin's piece from Galerie Eclaireuse ( was selected by me for Albarado's Master Bedroom

Crazily, all are still available, so please contact me for more info and/or to purchase..


Mallory Page Chastant
Mermaid Rings
Acrylic on Wood
42" x 42"
$2,850.00, available through Jeffery McCullough/Mallory Page Chastant

Sidney Creaghan
Pointe Resurrection
Acrylic on Canvas
17" x 21", framed in floater frame
$450.00, available from Rue du Pont Galerie

Erin Chance Fenstermaker
Oil on Canvas
20" x 25"
$700.00, available through Erin Chance Fenstermaker

Caroline Chunn McCarthy
Oil on Canvas
24" x 24"
$850.00, available at Rue du Pont Galerie

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Anonymous said...

These are gorgeous! We hope they all find loving homes soon!!