Saturday, June 12, 2010

Hola! from Spain..Part 4..Modern Hotel (Paradores Hoteles) & Art Gallery (Galerie Arte Sonado)-La Granja

Hola chicos, chicas, amigos, & amores...
We just arrived in Seville, Spain by train today...another incredibly charming and beautiful city..this is the 7th day of this truly life changing journey..I am a bit tired because we have been moving at a fast pace in order to take it all in...My next few posts will be about Madrid...

This post, however, is my final letter regarding La Granja and the beauty of the village..Juxtaposition, the most important design element, is the focus of these pieces...

First up...Paradores Hoteles:

Housed in the Casa de los Infantes, an 18th century structure constructed by Charles III to house Princes Gabriel & Antonio, a modern beauty exists...we did NOT stay here (La Granja was a day trip for us) but if I come this way again, I will most definitely spend 1 night in La Granja..

While walking down a cobble stoned street, I was stopped in my tracks by the modern glass entry doors tucked behind the ancient carved wooden doors:

the human sculpture was a major clue that there was something VERY interesting going on inside...and boy was there! note the original stone walls with the new sheetrock versions in front..the elaborate crystal chandelier with the modern rug below...

and even a Lewit P floor lamp by Metalarte (a Spanish company) for Hinson & Company ( where I worked for 4 of the 8 years that I lived in New York! :

Like many European buildings, a central courtyard awaits the hotel, one side is a courtyard lounge and garden :
and the other, the restaurant:

Who couldn't while away a day here?? the pool is at the top of a hill with stone walls and steps..PERFECT juxtaposition in the form of the glass box structure with the ancient coraly-pinky building behind it:

Just down the street from the hotel, Claudia Schaefer (a friend of our friend Chico) has a wonderful contemporary art gallery..again, look at the cobblestone street, the wonderful shell pink stucco facade and the modern glass entry to the gallery:

The current show at Galerie ArteSonado ( is of three photographers..As a photography junkie, I was on cloud nine for the hour or so that we spent are my favorites:

Elixir, 2010 by Pototo

Busto Series by Alberto Villar
**I have selected the middle one for one of my clients..hope it happens!

Note the juxtaposition of the original beamed ceiling (painted white for freshness), the original stone based columns, the new, very crisp neutral stone floor, the modern lighting, & the modern art---YUM!

Noche blanca & Agui y ahora on left by Pototo
Diptico New York on right by Javier Martin de Frutos

I've written three letters regarding La Granja because it is not a place I have ever heard Americans speak of visiting...It is a MUST if you are in Madrid...about an hour and a 1/2 drive from the the mountains..beautiful, night would be enough so that you have a full day and a 1/2 to enjoy the hotel, gallery, & royal palace and gardens..

OK....hope you enjoyed! gotta run so I can take a quick siesta and then head out for Tapas in Seville!

More tomorrow....


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Awesome photos and experience... Jealous in Atlanta...