Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Hola! from Madrid...Part 1

One of my biggest regrets is that I have not attended graduate school to get a masters in Art History or Arts Management...it is something that I must achieve at some point...

BUT, for now travel will have to serve as my graduate school as I see and do and experience life-changing moments and events..staying ahead of the curve (and my competition!) by stepping outside the box of safety and reality of mundane daily life...it is what my clients will benefit from as I stay on top of what the world and not just the South is doing and offering all of us..

HOLA! from Madrid, Spain where I am since Saturday and until this Friday..
Each day has been spent seeing, doing, & studying 4 categories which I will expand upon in blog posts to come...


I am obsessed with these new tables by Moroso..the Ukiyo table is a chic red metal base with the top made of traditional Kimono fabrics pressed with polyester resin.


Yesterday we visited the Museo Reina Sofia where I saw this diptych by Sam Francis, 1956..


a new interest of mine...all things beautiful interest me and gardens are a huge part of any design project...on Sunday we traveled out of Madrid to the mountain side town of Le Granja..this the just one tiny corner of the Royal Palace gardens


classic or modern it always fascinates me...I can stare at a building for hours taking it all in..
this is the Palacio Real de Le Granja which is so massive and detailed that it took about 2.5 hours to tour just the palace

Adios for now!! Daily posts to follow as I explore and learn and become a better designer and art consultant! My clients will thank me later, I know....


Ginna Dunlap Emmet said...

Love reading about your travels! xoxo

Kelli Kaufman said...

Sounds like a trip of a lifetime! Happy Travels!