Friday, June 18, 2010

Hola! from Spain

Hola from Marbella, Spain! I am sorry I haven´t written in the last few days...We were in Madrid until last Saturday, then traveled by fast train (it´s fantastic! and sadly something the USA doesn´t have) to Seville for 2 nights, and have been in Marbella since we travel by fast train to Barcelona where we will be until Monday...

This has been a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful trip...I still maintain life-changing and even more so after being here for longer...

Madrid is a city that I have fallen in love with and I will do several posts on the wonders of it in the next week...But for now, I give you Garden of Earthly Delights by El Bosco (Hieronymus Bosch) which I saw at the El Prado Museum in Madrid (again, thanks to Laura & Lisa for making us ¨visita oficial¨ at the museum!)

I had never seen this incredible, incredible triptych painting....It is the type of work that you could see 20 times and find something different each time....

just study a know you can click on the picture and it will enlarge...

according to the Prado, in this triptych created circa 1500:
"The left panel is dedicated to Paradise, with the creation of Eve and the fountain of life, while the right panel shows hell. The central panel gives its name to the entire piece, representing a garden of life´s delights or pleasures. Between paradise and hell, these delights are nothing more than allusions to sin, showing humankind dedicated to diverse worldly pleasures. There are clear and stronlgly erotic representations of lust, along with others, whose meanings are more enigmatic. The fleeting beauty of flowers and the sweetness of fruit transmit a message of fragility and the ephemeral character of happiness and enjoyment. The seems to be corroborated by certain groups, such as the couple enclosed in a crystal ball on the left, which probably alludes to the popular Flemish saying: "happiness is like glass, it soon breaks."
Hmmm....sounds like the real world to me!..aren´t we always somewhere between paradise and hell? isn´t that reality?
for me it certainly is, but for now....I will continue to enjoy the paradise of this journey in Spain!
Adios Amigos,

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