Thursday, September 9, 2010

Mallory Page Chastant at Max and Company Atlanta

with Eddie Ross, Phoebe Howard, Mallory Page Chastant, & Jaithan Kochar

I have had an incredibly busy summer. Mid-July I was able to steal away for a quick 24 hour trip to Atlanta for a very special night. Phoebe Howard, the mastermind and incredibly talented designer behind Mrs. Howard and Max & Company (, the best design showrooms in the South, hosted an opening reception for the new "Summer Series" by Mallory Page Chastant ( of Lafayette, LA, and Seagrove Beach, FL. With Georgia being my home-state and always close to my heart, I was able to see some wonderful Atlanta based friends as well as my loving Mother and beautiful niece. A surprise guest was New York based pal Eddie Ross ( who I will get to see again in October in Lafayette, LA, where he will be giving a presentation for the Acadiana Symphony Orchestra Showcase of Homes.

with Patrick Emmet, Reed Howell Roberts, Ginna Dunlap Emmet

with the staff of Max & Company and Mrs. Howard--center stage: Mallory with Anne Patterson

As dazzling as my friends and family are, the real jewels of the night were the fantastic paintings by Mallory Page. All acrylic on custom wood panels, this grouping represents my favorites from the show which is still hanging at Max & Company at 425 Peachtree Hills Avenue in Atlanta.

Just posting these tonight brought me back very quickly to what has been a wonderful summer...thanks Mallory for the beautiful paintings and the places they take me! and a huge thank you to Phoebe Howard for recognizing the talent of the brilliant artist, Mallory Page Chastant.

One of my all-time favorites by Mallory:

app. 10" x 10"

An incredible diptych that looks great hung together with a few inches between or separated flanking a large window in a room:

Need & Want Diptych
3' x 4' each

The largest single piece Mallory has ever done:

An Unusual Repertoire
4' x 6'

An Unusual Repertoire in a beautiful bedroom at Max & Company

A new color scheme that is very European:

Muse in Chartreuse
4' x 4'

For more information on these pieces or Mallory Page Chastant, please contact me and please check out Mallory's

Thanks Mall for another incredible body of work! Here's to many years of working together..


Anonymous said...

Mallory's work is amazing! Loved seeing you at Phoebe's and can't wait to see you in October!

Eddie + Jaithan

LeahBK said...

We love Mallory! So glad we could be a part of such a fun evening.