Friday, September 17, 2010

Jeffery McCullough Southern Art & Design and Mallory Page Chastant featured on Branca Scoop du Jour

When I began writing this blog it was simply for me to put pen to paper (well, keys to screen) in order to organize all of the art and artists research that I do. I hoped that along the way I would bring publicity and sales to the artists whose work I love and feel passionately about.

This has morphed into more than I could ever imagine. Turning a love into a career is something that one can only dream of. I have been so fortunate to meet many talented and interesting artists along the way that I knew had the potential to be national stars of the art world if only they could get their work "out there". That is where I felt I could play a role in the artists lives.

Not knowing exactly how this would work I asked Mallory Page Chastant to entrust me with marketing her work by serving as her agent. Mallory and I have shared an incredible year traveling around the South in her big gas guzzling SUV often looking like Sanford & Son we had so many paintings piled and layered in the back!

From New Orleans to Seaside, FL...Jacksonville to Atlanta, GA...Lafayette to Rosemary Beach, FL, we have traveled around bringing her incredible paintings to the wonderful galleries, shops, and showrooms that now rep her acrylic on wood abstract paintings.

Today I feel so incredibly blessed and fortunate that Mallory trusted me to play this role for her. Alessandra Branca, Chicago designer extraordinaire, has a blurb about my blog and Mallory Page Chastant on their "Scoop du Jour" section of their blog today. This is huge for me and the artists that I work with. From Lafayette, LA, this dream began and today it is being broadcast to thousands around the country!

Please check it out:

As a celebration of this, I have selected my three favorite pieces by Mallory Page Chastant that are currently available from Max & Company ( in Atlanta, GA, and An Apartment in Paris in Seaside, FL....enjoy!

Mallory Page Chastant
Acrylic on Wood
8" x 8"
available at Max & Company, Atlanta, 404-816-3831

Mallory Page Chastant
Untitled Abstract
Acrylic on Wood
42" x 42"
available at An Apartment in Paris in Seaside, FL, 850-534-0038

Mallory Page Chastant
Muse in Chartreuse
Acrylic on Wood
48" x 48"
available at Max & Company, Atlanta, 404-816-3831

To see more of Mallory's work, visit

A huge thank you to Branca, Mallory Page Chastant, and the other artists I work with: Caroline Chunn McCarthy, Joy Gardner, Yvette Owens...we are on a journey and it is going to be a great one!

If you are in Chicago, visit Branca at 17 East Pearson Street
If you are in Atlanta, visit Max & Company at 425 Peachtree Hills Avenue
If you are in Seaside, FL, visit An Apartment in Paris at Ruskin Place in the Gallery District

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