Wednesday, June 6, 2012

"To the Water.........."

As soon as mid-May arrives, my internal body clock has a few words to say to me (and loud and clear!)...water, beach, Provincetown, 30A. Between getting tons of work done for client projects, every second is spent dreaming of being on the water! I've got the "summer is here, get to the beach" syndrome really bad. Good news is I will be in Provincetown one month and three days from now. And yes, that countdown is very important to get me through the time until we arrive! And post-Provincetown I will need a dose of 30A in Florida in September or October.

To help get through the Summer blues, I curated a show for Lounge Gallery in Lafayette. "To the Water......." features fourteen excellent artists and the obvious theme is water. Happy, sunny, peaceful, calming are the words that come to mind when I think about being on the water. And that is exactly what the pieces by the artists in this show have achieved.

The show opens this Saturday night during 2nd Saturday Artwalk in Lafayette. If you are in Lafayette, you must take respite from the heat and enjoy the cool, calming work on show at Lounge Gallery.

Here's a sneak peek (photos via cell so excuse the fuzziness) until you see the pieces in person. If you would like more information on any piece, please let me know via email at

L to R: pieces by Linda Moncla, Anne Mcleod, Ceci Neustrom, Michael Eble, Kerry Griechen, Pegi Derby, Candace Greer, Lue Svendson, and Gwen Voorhies

L to R: pieces by Joy Gardner, Kathy Dumesnil (the three hanging on end wall), Kerry Griechen, Ceci Neustrom, and Lue Svendson
Pieces by Kerry Griechen, Anne Mcleod, Pegi Derby, Michael Eble, Gwen Voorhies, Lue Svendson, Linda Moncla and Joy Gardner

a Kelli Kaufman square oil on panel grouped with a Linda Moncla watercolor and a Kerry Griechen photograph

Enjoy Art Walk this Saturday night...and Happy Summer...let's all go "To the Water........"

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