Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Collectors of the week..David and Hope Hebert

When I first met David and Hope Hebert, all I knew was that she was a local artist well known in Southwest Louisiana.What I didn't know I would find when I went to their house was a wonderful  collection of paintings, primarily by Louisiana artists. Fortunately, because I was hired by the Hebert's to re-design their house with them, I was lucky enough to get to consult on the art placement throughout the house. I have known the Hebert's for a year now and love seeing their collection constantly change. Hope and David are very committed to having pieces they absolutely love (not just "space fillers") so if an artist is in their collection it is because they truly admire that artists work.

David and Hope have a collection that means a lot to them. They only have original works of art and many have been purchased at charity auctions so they have been able to indulge in their passion for collecting while giving back to the community that they love so much. Hope remembers being so very excited about 15 years ago when she and David purchased their first piece of original art on a trip in New Mexico. Although she didn't know anything about the artist (Maurjo Reser), Hope fell in love with the small oil on canvas and today it has a prominent spot in the first floor guest bathroom in their River Ranch home. To this day, David and Hope agree that each has veto power on a piece and that they both have to love the piece equally for it to come home with them.

Because they purchase frequently, their collection is a revolving collection with some pieces put away at the moment while others take center stage. And some pieces go to their daughters' houses. At present, there are 60 plus pieces hanging throughout their large house. This number could swell or shrink depending on when Hope's own works go out for a show or, better yet, sell. 

In Hope and David's collection there are pieces by:
Pat Bourque (Hope's art teacher), Julie Breaux, M. Susan Broussard, Joni Domengeaux-Bayard (Hope's first art teacher), Adrian Fulton, Shanna Hebert (their daughter), Thad Morgan, Tony Mose, Mark Nikoff, John Perret, Lue Svendson, and Brooke Wilke.

And soon to join this roster of fine artists is John Palmer, whose piece Hope and David purchased at the PASA gala a few weeks ago. It hasn't even made it to their house yet, but Hope and David are already thinking of where it will be hung.

Hope and David know all of these artists personally and Hope paints with Pat, Julie, and Lue on a weekly basis-So you never know which Julie or Lue piece is coming home with Hope this week! And as a frequent guest in their home, I can't wait to see the new pieces as well!

Picture Guide:
Top:  A Julie Breaux gives femme power in Hope's office

2nd Row: A Pat Bourque gives a sense of elegance to the master bathroom

3rd Row: In the foyer, a Lue Svendson abstract (left piece) mixes well with two paintings by Hope Hebert herself

4th Row: A very famous man by Adrian Fulton and a woman by Tony Mose make a fine couple on the staircase

Bottom: A fun abstract by Shanna Hebert (the collectors' daughter) adds cheeriness to a stuffed animal filled hang out room for the Hebert's grandkids, Chloe and Clay

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