Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Artist of the Week...Mallory Chastant

Up and coming artist...young, energetic, talented, beautiful....Mallory Chastant.

Growing up in Lafayette, LA, Mallory began taking art classes at ULL (University of Louisiana-Lafayette) when she was 4 and can "still smell the clay and remember the first day." After graduating from St. Thomas More high school in Lafayette, Mallory attended LSU in Baton Rouge and graduated with a major in Interior Design and a minor in Architectural History, all the while painting and living in "la la land just wanting to draw and paint."

Mallory's big break came when she moved back to Lafayette after graduation and had her first show at Tsunami downtown in Lafayette. Five paintings were hung and all five sold. Since then she has constantly had work hanging in Tsunami and has been as successful as she was with her first show there. The most recent work hung at Tsunami is from Mallory's Editions 25 series of abstract acrylics on wood panels and they are fantastic! (see left photo above of installation currently at Tsunami-412 Jefferson St)

I discovered Mallory's work when Nina Ward of W Home Furnishings in Lafayette recommended I use some of Mallory's pieces in the bedroom I did at the Acadiana Symphony Show House in October. Nina had a couple of Mallory's pieces in the W showroom for me to see which just weren't quite right for my room. As I was leaving W, and forgetting about Mallory and her work, I ran into Mallory and her business partner Emily on the sidewalk. Mallory offered to take me to her studio/store (Vinyl, a very artsy graphic design/sign/banner company in River Ranch) to see more of her work........the love affair began! What I found was the absolute most perfect diptych to go over the bed in the room....(see 2nd photo above for proof). During the three week run of the show house, so many people would stop and stare at them and ask about them. And when I would say that they were by a 25 year old Lafayette native, everyone would say "She's talented..that's real talent". I am happy to say that I sold one of the two to a local Lafayette collector and it is now hung in her foyer.

Recently, Kim Mallia of Darnall, Sikes, Gardes & Frederick CPA firm in Lafayette tagged Mallory, along with Erin Chance, to participate in the Art for All Seasons show that Kim curates quarterly. Mallory has 12 pieces from her Contemporary Tye Dye Collection (the series I used in my room in the show house) on exhibit at DSG&F that range from $300-$800. These pieces will be on exhibit until mid December. To see these pieces in person, you can go to Darnall & Sikes in the new Iberia Bank Building at the corner of Kaliste Saloom and Camellia anytime they are open or call Kim Mallia at 337 739 4849 to schedule a tour of the show with Kim as your guide.

So what's next for Mallory Chastant? Surely great, great things...a show in a fantastic gallery perhaps? I'll keep you posted! Meanwhile, don't miss the opportunity to buy your favorite Mallory Chastant piece now..all good collectors know that once an artist is picked up by a gallery, the prices will go up!

You can always contact Mallory directlyat www.mallorypage.com    or at www.thevinylpage.com

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Deb said...

Hi Jeffery,

I am so glad I found your blog. Thank you for posting about these local artists. My husband and I are in the process of building a new home. I will be checking out these artists.