Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Provincetown Happiness

We are on our annual Cape excursion. Probably the most important thing we do each year, our time in Provincetown, Massachusetts, is key to happiness. Restorative, inspiring and beautiful, P-town gives what it takes to reflect on the past months in preparation for the start of another year (the real calendar begins in September after the Summer season!). I have a system worked out where I spend 3 or 4 hours each day working from a table where I can look out and see the bay beach (that makes it a lot easier to work!) and the rest of the time is spent just seeing and doing and as dear friend Lue Svendson (who is here now as well) called it, "doing whatever whenever."

This trip is my annual "clean up"..I answer emails that were forgotten, organize client files on the computer, follow up on client items, scheme, dream, plan, etc, etc, so that when Labor Day has passed I am ready to start another year of work with a clean slate.

The natural beauty of P-town (and the entire Cape) is stunning. This is the bay beach across the street from our rental:

and this is from our front yard (with zoom of course) looking out across the bay to Long Point Lighthouse:

The town and famous Pilgrim Monument from the marshes at the beach:

Sunset over the ocean showing the phenomenon known as Cape Light:

From a design perspective, the vernacular architecture is beyond charming and provides a huge contrast from what I see on a daily basis:

Our beloved 28 Commercial Street home away from real home:

And, every now and then if you are lucky, you get one of these captured from our beach a couple of years ago:

I'll be posting from here as I find great art and accessories and beauty for the clients I am shopping for while away..I already found a fantastic Hannah Bureau painting yesterday for a Lafayette client!

Wherever you are and whatever you are doing this Summer, enjoy!
And take time to do whatever, whenever.



Ginna Dunlap Emmet said...

so cute! i am about to do whatever whenever for the next two weeks! sea island onto watch hill! how did we get so spoiled?

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous pictures! Love P-town!

Eddie + Jaithan