Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A Collection Begins-Big Easel Preview-James McDowell, Kathy Dumesnil, Kelli Kaufman, Forrest Montgomery, Erin Chance Fenstermaker, Hope Hebert

As chair of The Big Easel, I have looked at tons of art over the last few months as part of the jurying and selection process with the 60 artists who will be showing their best work this Saturday, May 8th, from 10 am-5 pm in Town Square-River Ranch in Lafayette, LA.

This process and the current very warm weather in Lafayette along with all of the coverage of the potential devastation to the gorgeous Gulf (so very close to Lafayette), has summer plans/escapes to the beach on my mind. It's no secret that blue and green are my favorite colors and it's a little too well known how much I love days on the sand and in the water. In fact, I can easily say that a perfect day for me begins and ends staring at the water, both at sunrise (though it's quite rare for me to be up that early!) and sunset.

As I studied photos that have been sent to me of pieces by Big Easel artists, some remained in my mind. I realized that all of them have a watery and breezy quality and presence and would make the beginning of a very nice collection...imagine a casual seafront condo with these pieces...take me there now, please!

For inspiration and the beginning of the room, consider this fantastic glass piece that would be fabulous on an end table illuminated by the lamp it would share space with:

James McDowell
blown glass object created at Michigan Hot Glass Workshop

then add these (3) pieces that are available at Gallery at City Club Fitness Center...the Hope Hebert large abstract above a fireplace (you need that on a winter night at the beach) and the (2) Kathy Dumesnil's on a small side wall one above the other as shown:

Hope Hebert
Abstract Acrylic on Canvas
30" x 40"

Kathy Dumesnil
Field in Harmony and Field at a Glance
12" x 12"
$275.00 each, framed

For a bit of unexpected energy, an assymetrical grouping of the next 3 pieces above the sofa would be fantastic! Kelli Kaufman's abstract on the left with Forrest Montgomery's photograph above Erin Chance Fenstermaker's abstract landscape on the right..

Kelli Kaufman
Sea Glass
Oil and Plaster on Canvas
24" x 36"
$640.00, framed

Erin Chance Fenstermaker
Abstract Landscape, 2010
Oil on Canvas
22" x 40"
$1,200.00, framed

Forrest Montgomery
OR 1
16" x 20"
$150.00, framed

and VOILA! a room is built around 7 fabulous pieces of art, all by artists showing at the Big Easel this Saturday, May 8th, 10 am-5 pm--Town Square, River Ranch-Lafayette, LA.
A great way to build a collection is to start by attending art shows like the Big Easel where you are able to see the work of 60 diverse artists. It is a great way to hone your style and find artists whose work you love. I look very forward to seeing you there!

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